Love goes on and on and on!

Hello, I'm Maid Marian!
-Married to Robin Hood
-Likes to play Badminton
-Best Friend = Lady Kluck.

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I’m so sorry I haven’t been on here in such a long time!  I was really busy this winter, but everything is starting to settle down now, my darlings!

Busy, busy, busy!

I’m preparing for a Badminton tournament!  Lady Kluck has come out to help me prepare and practice, as well as help me pack!  It’s taking place in London, so it’s about 126 miles away from where I am now!  I’ll be staying there for a little while, and the prize is a Badminton set, and a Badminton court (it would be such a lovely surprise for Robin to come home and see that I’ve gotten a court built in!)  So I have a busy few weeks ahead of me!  Love to all!

Maid Marian

OOC: I don’t know when I’ll be on here, I have school and all, so my schedule is pretty hectic!  I’ll try and get on when I can :)

I’ve returned!

I’m back from my visit, everything is fine now!  My Robin has gone off on some other journey, and Lady Kluck is away too!  Oh well, Robin will return soon, I hope!

Oh my!

I’ve been given an invitation to go visit some distant cousin of mine who’s ailing!  I’m going to go, but I’ll be back on time for Cindy’s ball!  Someone tell Robin for me!

OOC; I’m actually going to my country house where there isn’t any internet, but I’ll try and come on a few times on my phone.


Good night everyone, I’ll see if I can get on her tomorrow!

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I’m going to go for a night time stroll with Lady Kluck!

Talk to everyone later!

-Maid Marian


I have nothing to do now that the Blackberry pie is baking, so I’d love to take this time to answer any questions anyone has.  Or just to talk!  <3

-Maid Marian

I'm sure everyone would LOVE some of your Blackberry pie! I'd be honored if you'd bring some to the ball!
Can't wait to see you there <3

Fantastic!  I’ll make some more, I’m already cooking some for Robin as I type…  He’s coming home tomorrow!

-Maid Marian


Angry Vixen!

I can’t find a theme that I like for my Tumblr site!  Can someone help me create a custom Tumblr theme?  I’d be ever so appreciative, and I’d even save a slice of my Blackberry pie for you!

-Maid Marian